Timeline marker or anything similar

Howdy folks. This may be a little bit help but if this or a similar option isn’t available, I’d like to suggest it. I’m hoping this feature/tool is already here and I just don’t know it… I’m editing on my Timeline and I would like to be able to mark or set a pointer to locations to come back to review later - fine tune perhaps, and make annotations to those locations.

A suggestion would be to have a tool box with these pointers and notes similar to, or perhaps an add-on to, properties. I think this would be a plus, but for now, is there anything I can do to ‘tag’ spots to revisit?

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“V.18” does not mean anything as it is not a real version number. I removed it from the subject.
Markers are already on the Road Map. No idea when it will be done.

You could always to a video track of just text filters indicating your ideas. Each track can be hidden by clicking the eyeball, or just deleting the track when you’re ready to export. I know it’s not what you’re looking for, but it’s best option for right now.


Thank you? Please pardon my inexperience, but if 18 is not a real version number, what is it? I included that simply as a reference point.

Thanks! I always enjoy hearing about workarounds.

The current version is 18.08.01, which is the full version number, rather than a subset of it.

Perhaps you meant “v18.08” but the version is not really important since the feature does not exist yet. :slight_smile:
While not a visual aid, you can add a comment to each clip (except images and generators) in the Properties panel.


This is so cool, never knew it was there.

General query… Isn’t the 3rd number in the trio used primarily for patches/fixes/security, 2nd for feature set updates, and the 1st major revisions?

I just noticed your tip as well. Thanks. I’ll make use of it!

I believe…
Year.Month.Revision (with the previous revision deleted)

You can read about all of the versions here, and see how much they have changed.

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Normally I’d agree with @Hudson555x, however based on recent releases it appears the version is like so:
Year.Month.Day of release being built.
This may or may not be the same as the release date.

Perhaps @shotcut or @brian can clarify?


It is year, month, and day because it is based on our daily builds bundling various components.

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Yeah that can be handy but a little bug I found is that Shotcut doesn’t recognize any comments written in the Property’s Comment space as a change made in the workflow so the asterisk that should appear in the upper left of the Shotcut window doesn’t show up. You think that can be fixed?

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OK, I just fixed it for next version 18.09.

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My 2 cents about the potential/future markers features :
if markers could be set at

  • timeline
    *clip (audio & video)
    level, it would be great as one could :
  • timeline level : mark the beat of the soundtrack for later sync with video clips
  • clip level : mark interesting cues, both for video & sound