Timeline jumping around

With many things I do, for example moving clips around in the timeline, it just jumps to weird places, when I pull some clips together the timeline just jumps to the beginning of the whole video.
If I mute a certain clip, it just jumps back a little.
I find it really annoying always having to scroll to the right place again even though I have been there before.

When you say that the timeline “jumps to weird places,” are those weird places always where the playhead is? If so, that’s not a bug. If the timeline is jumping somewhere other than the playhead, then please provide more information, as detailed in this post:

I think this has been happening to me as well. It’s particularly infuriating when I’m trying to zoom in on a specific frame to adjust a clip’s placement and the view jumps way far away from where I’m zooming (often the middle of the timeline) so i have to scroll sideways back to the spot I want, while I’m zoomed all the way in. I’ve tried putting the playhead at the spot I’m focusing on but it doesn’t make a difference.

I’m running Shotcut on an asus rog laptop with i7-6700, 16gb ram, gtx 1060, 64 bit. I don’t know a ton about computers so hopefully that is sufficient information on specs.

Also the problem seems more likely to occur when I have the timeline loaded up with more clips. I’ve been compiling clips of musicians playing their instruments, lining them up with the audio track. I like to have, on average, 3 clips of different people going at once and switch between different musicians every 5 seconds or so, so it involves a lot of pretty short clips packed together.

Sorry if this post includes a lot of useless information. I just want to make sure I include anything that might pertain to the issue.

Is this of any help?

There were fixes in this area in the latest version 20.04

Yes, a shortcut has been introduced to zoom around the cursor.
Using the mouse wheel with the ctrl key (cmd on Mac OS) zoom around the mouse cursor.
You just have to place the mouse cursor on the playhead.

“cursor” here means the mouse pointer.
In my reply I was referring to the original post. A number of things cause a player refresh, and old versions of Shotcut the timeline would scroll to the playhead unexpectedly whenever there was a refresh.

Except that this has introduced another problem. I noted the problem in the thread for the beta in February:

it’s a problem that @shotcut says he hasn’t found a fix for. In any case, you have to keep repositioning the mouse over and over again as you zoom in so it’s all more work which doesn’t allow for quick a zoom in and out of the timeline.

It’d be far easier and make much more sense if the zoom was just the standard as it is with pretty much every editor: The zoom always focuses on the playhead no matter where it is.

Closing this thread since it is going off topic and problem in original post was fixed in v20.04.