Timeline in Video without Timeline filter


So when i reopenend my Shot-cut-File, suddenly a “timeline” showed up in the all of the video clips.
But its not a timeline created by a filter, i already checked. That means i dont know how to remove it. Atm the timeline is at the bottom under/over my subtitle. In the picture i moved the subtitles up, so you can see the timeline that i mean. But normally you cant read the subtitles properly know.

What can i do?

Thank you in Advange

Hi @erickuechler

When you say “Timeline” do you mean these numbers at the bottom of the text?

In your image, the playhead is not on the actual selected clip. It’s over the last clip. In the Text: Simple filter applied to that last clip, I bet you accidentally pressed the Timecode button and that #timecode# was inserted in the text.


Thank you for your fast reply.

Yes these are the numbers i mean.

I already checked every subtitle, because i thought that was the problem too, but sadly it wasnt :frowning:

This might help: so i wanted to open the original file. But then it said that files are missing. I localised them and then it worked. But well yeah… then there were these numbers. I never had that, even on other projects. That why i need help.

Could you send another capture?

Exactly the same as the one you already sent, but this time, select the last clip (and leave the playhead on the last clip)

Thats the new one.

Looks like you have filters on track, pls check you not have added a Text: simple filter to the track

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Perfect Thank you it worked!

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