TimeLine help StoryBoard

When I Open a Video in the TimeLine it open ok.
But it just shows in the TimeLine as 1. Clip.

But it will play the whole Clip.

But can I get it to show every Frame or a loot of Thumnails in the TimeLine?

It just puts 1. Clip on the TimeLine and then just Highlights the reast of the TimeLine.

But it will just show me 1. Clip at the start of the TimeLine.

When I open a Clip in the TimeLine I would like to show like a StoreyBoard I think they call it.
Where it spreads the Clip out over the TimeLine to make it easyer for you to see and move over it.

Can I do this thanks?

Shotcut doesn’t have a storyboard display. If you need that you might want to try Windows Movie Maker.

That is not available.

Move the play head (like cursor) and look at the video preview area. You can click in any area that is not part of the timeline - including the time strip at the top of the timeline - to move the play head.

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