Timeline frames don't match source mp4

Project Video Mode set to HD 1080P 25fps, and the only video imported is also 25 fps, but the frames on the timeline don’t match 100% to the source file (i.e. some missing, some duplicated). Worked around it by using another software to output my source mp4 as a jpg sequence, but it’s clunky to say the least. What am I missing?

Properties > Convert to make your video suitable for editing because it is not.

Thanks, that fixed it. So what could have been the issue with the mp4? I generated it using a compositing software called Natron and I’d love to know what format to use in the future.

OK, it seems that the problem was that mp4 is an inter-frame codec. I switched my output from Natron to mov (ProRes 4444) and that works fine with Shotcut.

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