Timeline focus

After various tasks outside the timeline–e.g. clip rename, apply filter, etc–I find myself having to find some empty space around the timeline to click so that I can go back to scrubbing. If for scrubbing keyboard shortcuts to work the selection focus needs to be on the timeline, perhaps it should automatically shift back to it after completing every other task.


  1. This is specially a problem after actiions like Remove or Paste, forcing the user to click somewhere on the timeline to bring the focus back to it and reenable the scrubbing keys (J, K, L).
  2. Spacebar, however, works just as expected, regardless of the previous action; so it seems it’s just a matter of treating J, K, L the same way.

Use Shift - Esc to switch the focus to the timeline

Thanks, @TimLau. That works, but… a bit of a nuisance, isn’t it? Shift-Esc is not even a natural position of the hands on the keyboard (like J, K, L, A, S, D, Z, X…). Why can’t the scrubbing keys be available whenever the spacebar also is (i.e. when not typing text somewhere)?

I suggest keeping focus on timeline when editing a text with keyframes, just focus on the text editing when click on it. Is much easier to edit keyframes just using arrow keys.