Timeline filters (seems to be only working on the very first track)

In one of the tutorial videos I saw that it is possible that all clips on the time line can use the same filters
How do you do that? I tried it and the filters seem to be only active on only the first clip .

What I have done is the following:
Get the clips I want into the play list and then add them all to the time line.
I select the time line and add the filters I want.

The when I play the result I only get the filters on the very first track.
What am I doing wrong?

In the video tutorial a default template was created, how do I do that?

Misleading title.
You can apply filters to all clips on the track by selecting the track head (the Olive coloured section far left).
When selected the track head will become blue (as shown)

What you mean by ‘template’. Which video are you referring to?
Perhaps you mean ‘Custom Video mode’ or ‘Export Preset’ ?
Please clarify.

Hello Steve

Thank you for replying
There are 18 videos on the track (timeline
I have selected the track header.
I have added the filters I want, and the track head is blue

I tested it on the following filters:
Audio fade in Video fade in.
Only when the first video (on the track V1) plays then the filters are applied, but not on the rest of the videos on the time-line (track V1)
On the filters menu it shows me the filters with the properties of the filters. It shows me Track V1 in the filter menu. as well.

The video I am referring to is Shotcut Tutorial: Track Filters (video * 6)
In this video the narrator talks about opening a default template (which he saved earlier)

Audio/video fades are technically ‘transitions’ and probably why they can’t be applied to all clips on the same track. Common filters like brightness/contrast/saturation/grading/gain/volume etc all work fine applied to the track head.

Apparently he has added the filters and settings to a project while the track head is selected then removed the clip on the timeline before saving the project to a melt [.mlt] file. He’s calling this a ‘template’.
I’m not sure how common this workflow is, I don’t use it.

Actually I did some experimenting. Apparently I chose the filters which don’t work on the time line / track. I chose the text filter now and that works,then l chose the rotate filter and that filter also works.

It seems that the problem is with the audio fade in and the video face in.

Hello Steve

I understand what you are saying.
It is sad that the audio fade cannot be applied to all videos on the track. This is actually the most common filter that I use.
Is there a plan to enable this?

I saw something on last month news. Adding, removing, and adjusting Fade In/Out filters now updates fade controls on the Timeline.

Check the Shotcut development Road map page.
“Make it easy to add 0.5s or 1s fade-in, fade-out, or transition on timeline.”

The OP has a collection of different video clips on the time line, this method you describe only affects clips taken from the same single video in the playlist.

Sorry. My bad…