Timeline doesn't accept audio or video files

When I drag an mp3 audio file or an mlt video file in the list to the timeframe area, below the timeframe tools bar, nothing happens. Nothing appears in the timeline and I don’t get any alerts. Just nuttin’.

I am working on a Win10 laptop, 64-bit. I have the latest version of Shotcut as of 5.14.2020.

From the Source tab, drag to Timeline.
Just make sure you have Timeline selected as it might be on Keyframes.

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What list? It does not work from the Recent panel. You need to double click it to open the file or project. Then, if a media file you can add it to the timeline.

Hi Hudson555x and Shotcut rep leader. Your counsel seems to have led me to resolution. With thanks. I haven’t figured out some of the next steps but can consult tutorials for that.

You LEGEND! Thanks for that.

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