Timeline clips line up

Hello all.
Working on Shotcut is really great experience. However, recently I came across with a problem creating a new video. I cannot add to timeline more than 4 clips. When I try to add the 5th one Shotcut freezes (Not Responding).
I tried to use + button but it said: You can’t add non-seekable source.
I uninstalled and installed again but that didn’t make any changes.
I don’t know why. My laptop is pretty good Dell 13’ 16GB.
Can you help me to solve this problem?



With that 5th clip, have you tried starting a new project with just that one file?

Depending on what programs you have running in the background, especially with multiple browser tabs open, can easily eat up 16gb. Restarting your computer with just Shotcut running can clear up any memory issues you may be experiencing.

What version of Shotcut are you running? Major changes have been happening with each update. To get the latest version of Shotcut, click here.

Can you provide more details of the file you’re having issues with?

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Can you take a screenshot of your Shotcut window, with Playlist showing, and all of the names (with extension ) of your five source videos showing, and post it here?

That might help the diagnosis.

This means there is something wrong with that file and you need to use Properties > Convert on it to use it for editing.

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