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First: I have not worked a lot with Shotcut and I’m still a noob but on my previous version of Shotcut from about half a year ago, when I split a clip on the timeline it automaticly selected the right frame under the playhead and also the right filter with I was editing every frame. Now I updated to the new version and if I edit nearly every single frame I constantly have to press Ctrl+Space to “Select under playhead” and manually choose the filter that I want to edit. Can I fix that somehow to “the old state” except switch to the older version?

You can use select one clip and use Ctrl-Left/Right to move the selection.
If you change something in the filter setting, you must release the focus with Shift-Esc to be able to use Ctrl-Left/Right.
If you are making a spit at each frame and change the filter values, it might be better to not spitting the clip and use key frames on the values you are changing.

I think thats doesn’t helped me in my case.
I have two video tracks one main and a second one which plays simultaneously “on top” of the main video. In the second track I use filter chroma key and position,size,rotation. Till now most of my work (on the older shotcut version) was on the second clip: Split and drag with the mouse to a new unique position depending on the main video track. Then next frame the same. But now its Split, Ctrl+Space to “select under playhead” than manually select the “position,size,rotation” filter and then drag with mouse.Sure its cost me only 1-2seconds more than before, but thats double the time I needed before for only one frame and if I have to work a hour just on that, its now two hours of work with the new version of shotcut. So my orginally question: “Can I fix that somehow to “the old state” except switch to the older version?” Or maybe there is an option that I missed where I can change it just like it was before.

The selection has changed over time, it is now possible to select multiple clips at once.
Shotcut is getting new and better features with every release, this also change the way things works over time for better and worse.
Splitting a video into an image sequence (one clip for each frame) with separate filter setting is not a usual use case for most people, so your get hit harder by something most people will never see.

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Sure, but I don’t understand the advantage of unselect the frame + filter when I split at a certain point and want to work on that point anyway. I mean thats why I split it there.

Thanks anyway and have a nice day. :+1:

You can download all earlier versions here.

@TimLau suggested using keyframes instead of the editing flow you have been using.

Here is an example of keyframing, frame by frame, with no splits.


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