Timeline chopped in half, unable to edit

So I am pretty experienced with Shotcut and have used it for a few years. I recently rebooted my PC and had to download Shotcut again. Once the program was downloaded I discovered that the timeline was literally chopped in half making it impossible to see what you´re editing.

Here’s a screenshot so you can get a better understanding of my problem.

Hello and welcome!

Try ‘View>Layout>Default’.

I already tried it and it didn’t work.

Can you expand the window to fullsize?
Btw. I see that you use an old version of Shotcut! What version do you use?

Yeah the program opens up in full screen, I just minimized the window so you can see better. I don’t know what version I’m using, I downloaded the first one I saw on the website.

While the window is a larger size you need to find the handle image between the Timeline and the player and drag to resize it. If the window is small you cannot because the other things in the window have some minimum heights.

Thank you! :smiley:

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