I’m trying to use the “Speed: Forward Only” filter to speed up a video, but for some reason every time I open the project it moves the video so it doesn’t speed up the part I want it to, but an entirely different part of the recording. Is there a better way to make timelapses or is this just a bug?

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Which version of Shotcut are you using? There was a bug related to speed forward that was fixed a while back.

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I think I had something similar about fifteen days ago, you must faithfully follow this address https://forum.shotcut.org/t/freeze-frame-using-time-remap-no-frame-export-needed/ 41466/11
the MB’s first tutorial with cats, in particular the selection of the small arrow at each end of the “keyframes” area on “Hold”.

I’m using 24.04.28 (I think there’s another update but I’m not sure)

A timelapse usually implies you are not changing the speed more than the one time at the beginning. So, Properties > Speed is easier for that.

I didn’t know about that, thanks!