Timelapse sequence

I just upgraded to the latest version. The sequence shows not seekable. Why is this?
Anyone can help me out?

This is a warning message, not necessarily a problem. See here:

Hi Ken, When I updated to 19.06 I was getting a lot of ambiguities I deleted the programme and when loading it again , put a tick in the box registry it worked with my problem.
regards Pete

What is “the sequence?”

Look at the timeline… “Not seekable”
This happened after i installed 19.06.15
When im trying drag the video into video track after i clicked image sequence, it says not seekable.

Try using the convert to edit friendly function.
Properties tab. Left click image

I did not reproduce this. Is this a sequence in an existing project file? Does this happen if you try to start a new image sequence with a new project?

it happened when im trying to edit a still photo based timelapse. Normally, i import 1 photo and go to ‘Properties’. Check the box ‘image sequence’, “BAM!”, timelapse is ready to be drag into video track. After the lastest update, i cant do that anymore. And i have to uninstall and reinstall the older version to do so.

I suspect something in your image sequence is problematic like the way files are named. The files should be named with the same number of numeric digits using leading zeros. For example, Milkyway-001.jpg … Milkyway-999.jpg and NOT Milkyway-1.jpg … Milkyway-999.jpg. I confirmed that it used to load without leading zeros in an older version but no longer in 19.06.15. I have not figured out why because there were no changes in the obvious place to look, but what I have stated is the better and more expected way to make an image sequence. I will keep looking, but that advice is all I can offer for now.

I found the source of this bug, and there will be a fix for the release version 19.07 due in a couple of days.

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