Timelapse duration

I have read a number of threads, and also seen a video, but changing the duration of a TL just does not seem to work

It is only a short experimental clip, 61 frames

Named sequentially along the lines of

Click Properties… check box image Sequence

New Project created with the default’Automatic’ setting

All in a single folder with no other files

Open File and select first in sequence
No matter what I changed the duration box to, and then Click Set Default, the Exported files is always 2.05 seconds long.

No matter what figure input in duration…, nothing changes in the output

Other threads and a video imply that this works…but not for me

Ver 22.06.23

I have just tried with a longer sequence, 246 frames and get a 9 second clip

Seems there is no obvious way to do this that I can find

Hi @NeilP
Did you try changing the setting of the Repeat parameter?


It sets how many times each frame will be used in the image sequence clip.

This is by design. Perhaps we can disable those when you check Image sequence. With a timelapse the duration is determined by the Video Mode frame rate, the Repeat field in Properties, and how many images were found. After that you can trim the sequence similar to a video clip to further control the duration from either end.

No, did not try the repeat option.
Sounds like a way around it, if a little hit/miss to get the total duration you want

I’d expect the Duration to be exactly what it sounds like it would be.

So if I imported one frame, clicked image sequence, I’d simply expect the duration to be that of the sequence. So if I set 30 seconds… the sequence would time the frames to all be 30 second in total.

So, if you say it is currently working as it should, by design, what is it actually doing if not changing the duration? Because as I have discovered, I can put 20 minutes in the duration and it is ignored …, the box still says 20 minutes…

I have also noticed the image sequence does not appear in the timeline either.

I rather like the way Final Cut Pro handles this… from memory, import all the clips, drop them in timeline Select all and the set duration of ( I seem to remember) each frame

The duration tool in Properties doesn’t make the clip longer by stretching it, it adds frames without affecting the speed of the video. The result is a longer clip, but the added length is either blank (audio clip) or a repetition of the last frame (video clip). These added frames are useful when using the Time remap filter for example, or on an audio clip when adding a reverb or echo effect.

You don’t visually notice a change of the clip appearance in the timeline after changing the duration, but the added space is there nonetheless.

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Hmm I see

From what I read, this seems to be software still in development… i am no video expert by any means, not even skilled amateur… but my use of Final Cut Pro and Premier seems to indicate to me the word ‘duration’ is used ‘differently’

Would it not be better to stick to same ‘idea/usage’ of the word as in day Final Cut.

I am not near my Mac or FCP for a few weeks to confirm this, but pretty sure if I dragged all the stills in to the timeline and selected them all, the duration option would change the played visible length.
So if I had 30 still images at a Playback speed of 30 fps and highlighted them all and set duration to 1 second, it would playback in 30 seconds.

I already explained that duration is for when it is NOT an image sequence.

This change was made for the next version. When the image sequence checkbox is checked, Duration and Set Default are disabled to make it clear those do not apply in that mode.