Timelaps (Image sequence) does not inculde all my stills

Hello, I have an issue trying to creat a timelapse by enabling the check box “Image sequence”.
It does not include all my stills into the timeplase. The timelapse should last 21.88s at 25fps (547pics) but Shotcut gives me a 10,10s timeplase when I use “Image sequence”. What’s more, I can clearly see that all the pics are not inclued : it’s an ice cube melting timeplapse, and the ice cubes are not melted when the timelapse ends, with Shotcut “Image sequence” process.

Does someone know how to force Shotcut to include ALL the stills that compose the image sequence to creat the long enough timelapse ?

Thanks for your response

Hi @R3d_Three To cretae a timelapse, all photos must be strictly numerically incremented, eg ice cube photo 001, ice cube photo 002 etc, up to ice cube photo 547. Or ice cube photo (1), ice cube photo (2) … ice cube photo (547).

You can rename them in this format. 1. copy them to another folder (optional), 2. select all files, 3. place the mouse over the first file, right-click menu, “rename” and type “ice cube” (for example).
All files will be renamed incrementally.


Hey, it worked !
My guess is that my camera created an other file due to the amount of stills taken. So the new stills were slitghly renamed, but that’s enough to break the weel.

Thank you @jonray !

My pleasure!

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