Time, that Shotcut used to export shows 20 hours less

It’s a minor bug only.
I now exported a video, and it took 29 hours 48 minutes 43 seconds for Shotcut to complete the export.
The “problem” is that Shotcut shows 09h48m43s in the Jobs panel instead of the 29h48m43s.
Well, I can live with this, just thought that it worth a report. :slight_smile:

I experienced this just now with this job, Shotcut version is the latest stable: 18.10.08.

I don’t think that it has any to do with the system, but…
It is a Lenovo ThinkPad T420 laptop, Core i7-2640 CPU, 16 GB RAM, Windows 10 Pro English x64.

You might want to install the latest version of Shotcut from link at the top of the screen.

Could not duplicate the issue.

While exporting, the numbers you see are time estimates for processing.
When you see a green checkbox, the video is done and show actual processing time.
Shotcut 18.10.08 (64 bit)
Windows 10 Home (64 bit)
Multiple SSD’s & HDD’s installed for recording/video editing.
i7-7700k, water cooled CPU
32 GB ram

Sorry, I did now wrote originally in my post… I experienced this on the leatest Shotcut, version 18.10.08. Now edited my original post to write this too.

And I experienced this “bug” only with this extremely long process time that I wrote above (29h48m43s).
First I thougt that it is a “day overflow”, as Shotcut may not be “prepared” for such long export times, and there’s no day value in the counter, but then realized, that it shows not 24 but 20 hours less, so there should be something with 20 hours overflow…

I’m just curious to how you know it was off exactly 20 hours.

We are currently using QTimer::elapsed() for this, which documents a 24-hour wrap side effect. I cannot explain your 20 hour discrepancy, but obviously this is related.

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@Hudson555x, very easy. I started the export process at 12.39 (39min after noon) one day and it finished next day evening at 22.28 (10.28pm), but Shotcut showed 09h48m43s instead 29h48m43s, as I wrote in my original post. :wink:

A.) you poor bastard a 30 hour export sounds terrible
B.) do you see discrepancies on shorter exports or just when they cross 24 hours?

@D_S ,
A.) Yes, but it was a huge task with multiple video layers and many filters on each, and a 1h30m++ length result video.
B.) As I wrote, I only experienced this once, only with this case. The longest export time I experienced but this was “only” about 15-16 hours.

Now I had an other project, the export was 22h28m18s and it shows correclty in the Jobs pane of Shotcut. :slight_smile:
I’m still in version 18.10.08 for now as I started this project in v18.10.08, and will update to 18.11 in the next days, so I don’t know yet how it is working in the v18.11…
So there really should be something with the “day overflow” or “24 hours overflow”, but interesting that with 24h+ export job Shotcut showed 20 hours less instead of 24 hours less…

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