Time Remap's Pitch Compensation With No Speed Change Still Distorts Audio

Shotcut version 21.05.01

Simply adding Pitch Compensation from the Time Remap filter adds distortion to the audio even if no speed change has been done (i.e. 1x speed). This means it’s not possible to have a seamless transition between the clip with Time Remap and the clips before and/or after it that don’t have Time Remap that are meant to be part of the same scene or shot when using Time Remap’s Pitch Compensation.



The same clip plays twice. The first version is the original clip with no filters on it and what follows is the same clip but with Time Remap on and only Pitch Compensation on. No change to speed at all was done to it.

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Low priority because a workaround is to turn off the pitch compensation or not add the Time Remap filter if you do not intend to use it.

The point in showing that there is a distortion even with no speed change is if the start of the clip with Time Remap is at 1x speed and it ends at 1x speed but the middle portion has the speed changed. If the clip with Time Remap is in the middle of two clips that are all meant to be part of the same shot or scene then using the Pitch Compensation will make the audio not flow from one clip to the other seamlessly because of the distortion.

If you still consider it low priority then that’s fine.

Yes, that is a good point.

There will not be a way to seamlessly go in and out of pitch compensation. The reason is that the pitch compensation algorithm introduces a delay. If Shotcut were to disengage the pitch compensation for any frame that is 1.0x, then there would be a harsh discontinuity in the sound.

A manual work-around would be to put the pitch compensated clip on its own track and then fade the audio between two tracks. If you try this, I would be interested to know if it works.

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