Time Remap make noise when freeze time

Hello, I found some noise may be created when using Time Remap filter.

When I convert the video with B-frames to edit-friendly format, then freeze a part of the video by Time Remap filter, and if there are other tracks with sound while the video is freezing, that would create some noise.

The noise gone if I mute the track of the freeze video, or put Mute filter to other video that don’t have Time Remap filter. But if I mute the freeze video by Mute filter, the noise still there.

This only happen for the video with B-frames converted to edit-friendly format, I tried some videos without B-frames in the first place and don’t found the noise. And also no problem for fast forward, slow motion, or reverse, only freeze would cause this problem.

I’m using shotcut version 21.10.31 on Windows10 64bit.

A mute filter should cause no sound for the clip. Can you share a screenshot of Shotcut showing the time remap filter and mute filter on the same clip?

Thanks for the video. I was able to reproduce this.

To be sure that I am reproducing your problem, can you please post a screenshot of the audio properties tab for the two files?

Mine look like this:



Thanks for your report. This is fixed for the next release.