Hi Guys!
Just wonder if there is anyway to get TIFF output to go for full range? (0-255) [JPG] It works on Utvideo but not on tiff (for me). I have version 22.11.25

And will there be a 16 16 16 - tif upcoming? Currently it outputs 8 8 8
Thanks for any advice!

The TIFF output always exports in full range. I tested this by choosing “Open->Other->Color Bars->100% PAL color bars” and then exporting. When I inspect the exported file, white pixels have a code of FFFFFF and black pixels have a code of 000000. Maybe you can show how you are testing and we can help debug it.

If you want 16bit output, you can add this line to the “Other” tab in the advanced export panel: “pix_fmt=rgb48”

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Hi Sir! I have tried again, and Utvideo got the whole dynamics but not Tif. Any advice? I can do Utvideo, its great, but just wanted to show the effect out of box :slight_smile:

And one other thing, when “+” tiff to a preset it wants to send bmp if chosing that preset.

It is difficult to discern a difference or problem in your screenshots. And you are comparing the view of two different applications. Can you provide something more numerical?

For example, I can open the exported files back in Shotcut and view the exact pixel values using the Video Zoom Scope.

This is the original project showing the RGB values of the white part of the color bars:

Then, I export that clip as Utvideo and open it back in Shotcut and show the Video Zoom scope again. The values are exactly the same

Finally, I export the original colorbars clip using the Tiff export preset and then open the Tiff file in Shotcut to view the Video Zoom Scope. Again, the values are exactly the same:

Additionally, I can open the exported Tiff file in MSPaint, use the color picker to select the white part, and then view the color in the color dialog. It shows the white is 255,255,255:

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brian, thanks!

I got 255 in paint. The tif should be ok on a flat export, but when i use ‘Brightness’ & ‘Hue/Color…’ filter the black levels sink to my likings and Utvideo catch it in export, but maybe i dont get that filter in my Tif.

From https://www.metadata2go.com/

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