hi, I am trying to figure out how to export my videos with thumbnail defined by myself. I realize that only the first and last shot of the sections are taken as thumbnails, but the exported version is saved with thumbnail from a middle section of the video. How do I change that? I would like to have the video exported with the first thumbnail of the first video section.
I also don’t see any option how to modify thumbnails. Under timeline options there is no such possibility.
Many thanks for any help here.


The thumbnails is just the first and last frame in the clip, it is just a visual indicator to help you editiing
it is not something there is exported or saved
It has nothing to do with Youtube thumbnail

Exports do not include thumbnails. YouTube (or whatever) chooses those thumbnails automatically until you upload an image to customize it. You export any frame within Shotcut as an image file using File > Export > Frame and then upload it.

Maybe @renata doesn’t mean the thumbnails shown in the timeline or those on YouTube…
Maybe it’s the one used for the media files in the computer folders.

If so, I think it’s possible to change the default thumbnail with VLC Media Player, but if it is, I don’t remember how to do it.

There is also a free app called Tag Editor that can be used. It’s available here.

And here’s a video tutorial that shows how to use it:

EDIT: Turns out that there is another app that can do this. In fact it’s one I’ve used for a number of years to edit the tags of my MP3s. I just found out it also works on video files.
App home page: TagScanner

Thumbnails has nothing to do with the video, it is something there is created by an application like windows file manager and stored in a cache directory, what frame used to create this thumbnail is up to the application.
Other application there replace the thumbnail is just cheating by overwriting the cached thumbnail image in the cache directory, It must be considered a “hack” because it changed cache data owned by another application. In linux there is a common cache file location (~/.cache/thumbnails), so multiple application can create and use these thumbnailsm but that is not who windows works. Don’t know about Mac.

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thank you all

I hoped I could achieve the same with export from Shotcut directly with less effort… if not possible, this is the closest what I need, many thanks!

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