Three more music videos

Hello everyone,

I’ve made three more music videos using Shotcut for editing. And Blender for advanced VFX.
I had problems with compositing, Shotcut would not render correctly, but with latest version all the problems went away. Thank you for that. Problem was that it would not compose every frame, so it resulted in flickering. This was visible both in the viewport and in the exported video.

I really like the HTML text option.

Shotcut is good video editor, but it has still long way to go (to be really good). Thank you for all the effort to make this program.

Here are the videos:

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Hey there, Promis! :slight_smile:

Before you had suggested that Blend modes be “on clip basis (not just on tracks)”. Shotcut recently got a Blend Mode filter to add on individual clips. Have you tried it?

I saw that update, and that’s a real improvement. Thanks developers for that.
I haven’t tried it yet (in a project), I finished the project with blending on the whole tracks. So I had 7 tracks of video, from which two where for blending (one track was screen blend mode, other was hardlight).
I guess now, we don’t need to have lots of tracks anymore.

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