"This project was made in a newer version" error

AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Six-Core Processor 3.40 GHz - Processor
Windows 10
64 bit operating system

Shotcut version 22.06.23

Each time I attempt to open my project it says that there are files missing (just 1) which is fine as its nothing major missing from my project, then it says “auto save files exist” would you like to open them. After clicking “Ok” it then comes up saying “this project requires a newer version, it was made with version 22.06.23”

Beforehand, I had normally got into my project but noticed stuff was wrong (huge transitions, gaps between videos) after trying to move things around shotcut just crashed and now my problem stated above keeps occurring.

It can’t be to do with my version being outdated as there are not updates (I have checked). I have searched the forums and the only way someone had this bug solved was by an admin fixing it. I’m sure my files are just corrupted and hopefully Shotcut admin would be able to possibly help. (or if anyone does know a fix that’ll be great)


Your project is corrupt, and there is probably no simple fix you can perform. I do not know how to reproduce it, and you did not provide any steps to reproduce it. I suggest to start over.

Obviously that means no mlt backup? I know it is scant consolation, but live and learn I guess, since this probably won’t happen to you again.

Like Dan says, you didn’t provide much information. You could perhaps start by attaching both the original and the recovered mlt and then someone can take a quick look. It may pay to attach your application log as well (located under the view menu) but it doesn’t sound promising.

Ok I was writing a response, during that I fiddled around with stuff and somehow managed to get back to being able to edit it, but it is super buggy and just wrong (audio clips not in write place, stuff missing etc.)
I think it might’ve just all been corrupted somehow

Could I ask for some tips so it doesn’t all just get corrupted?
The only problem left is I didn’t really find a solution to my dilemma just a sort of way to find access to it and re-edit it.

btw this is the mlt (sorry if the content seems cringy)
clips.mlt (91.2 KB)

Thanks for taking the time for writing a response, tips for prevention of problem are appreciated.

See the information posted here:

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Lines 110-112:

    <property name="resource">C:/Users/super/OneDrive/Pictures/Screenshots/2022-09-10 (3).png</property>
    <property name="aspect_ratio">1</property>
    <property name="text">INVALID</property>

OneDrive? Maybe it isn’t a problem (I know that’s still local), but that doesn’t seem like a good idea to me. I would instead copy all images (and other files used) into the project folder. But I think that is possibly covered in the article linked above :slight_smile:

The INVALID. That however is a problem.