This project pushed my computer (Core i5 11th Gen) to the limit!

Dear All,

This project pushed my computer to the limit.
CPU: Core i5 11th Gen
RAM: 16 GB of RAM
Storage: 2x 256 GB SATA Samsung SSD drives
OS: Linux Mint 21.2

9 video tracks and 3 audio tracks.

I had to increase swap from 2 GB (default) to 16 GB
Rendering took 6:16 minutes.

Shotcut remained stable most of the time. But I would like to have a snappier response.
Anyway, thanks to all who are developing and maintaining Shotcut.
I hope this information is helpful.


Note: I’m sharing this video only to share my video editing experience.


I like how the clock is synchronized with the beat of the music.

Thanks Brian,

I had a lot of hard work with that!
I had to extend and to cut the original video to be able to sync.


It looks like you’ve got a lot going there - lots of tracks for a start.

I would assume lots of filters running too - I would think that 6¼ minutes is OK for rendering. I’ve got a similar computer but only 10th Gen, and 12gB RAM, Win 10.

A 1¼ hour Church service, 2 cameras, 3 tracks and takes about 2½hrs to render. BUT if I have a few Keyframes, size zooming, and other effects, I can add an hour to the rendering.

Hi Alan,

Thank you for sharing.
All that rendering time for HD footage?..
I had an initial 50/50% of HD and 4K footage (1080p Project).
I think that I need to upgrade my workstation RAM to 32 GB to avoid swapping as much as possible. Definitely 64 GB if project is 4K…
I noticed that Shotcut was eating more and more resources for each rendering. I need to do a lot of that to make sure audio was in sync and size filters were OK…