This piece of software is amazing!

Hi everyone my name is Edim and I’m a bit of a computer/software geek.
I’ve been using Shotcut for about 12 hours and I just want to let you know that I appreciate all the effort that has went into this program its features, and development.

Also I’ve browsed the forum a bit and I have to say it that I really like the way issues get addressed and how newcomers are able to resolve their problems and answer any questions they have.

I don’t know I just had an urge to thank you all and to say that you should keep up the good work when time allows for it since being a developer can get frustrating from time to time.

As for me I am going to create and edit vlogs, tutorials maybe even some discussions or rants and this software has already helped me take the first steps at becoming a content creator once more.

Once again thank you, and see you in the forum.


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