There Are Two Matroska Formats?

I see that in that Export tab there are two Matroska options listed in the Format menu. There is no distinction listed between the two. Is it in error that there are two Matroskas listed or is there a difference between them?


It’s interesting, that in the MLT framework documentation there are also two matroskas listed, but no difference between them either. If there were 2 in Shotcut but only 1 in the documentation I would say it’s a duplicate but I’m wondering if this is intentional?

So I’ve learned that it is actually a weird hiccup in Ffmpeg’s Libavformat API, (here is a page about ffmpeg’s video options and here is their libavformat summary) and that one of those matroskas is supposed to be for encoding and the other is for decoding… somehow they both ended up there :confused: I suppose it doesn’t make the program unusable but I can’t really do anything about that haha

Thanks for looking this up. So it is in error. Which one then should I use? The first one listed or the second one listed? And will one of them be removed in a future version to avoid confusion?

Either one will work. Even though they’re both listed they’ll both refer back to the encoding format… so nothing is really technically broken it’s just a little blurb :smile:

Yes for next release.

Good to hear. :slight_smile: Thanks!