There are files missing in the Playlist!


Short example:
I have made a simple text part by using “Open other”. This I drag into the Playlist and from there into the Timeline. So far so good!
And that part is now still in the Timeline, but no more in the Playlist! It’s gone, away…
But I still can see that part in the Timeline and it works like a charme.
I do not get a warning (or so) while opening the project!

This happend also some days ago! (I do not know yet what exactly it was.)
I wanted to drag it from Playlist into the Timeline, where already one existed (and still exist), but it wasn’t present anymore in the Playlist!
In that case I had drag it again into the Playlist…

In the case of the Text part, I can copy and paste it, like normal…

Best regards

This is normal. It is not necessary to have everything in the Playlist. The Playlist is completely optional.

As for something removed from the Playlist after dragging it to the Timeline, I do not reproduce it. Until reproducible steps are provided, this is not accepted as a bug.

You can easily put something into the Playlist from the Timeline. Simply copy the timeline item, switch to the Source player (copy or cut puts it into the source player ala internal clipboard). Now, add it to the Playlist.

This is normal?! Really?

I would offer nearer steps, if I know when this happens.
You will notice it, when it is already gone, isn’t it? And you must be very lucky, if the “time code” matches. :slight_smile:

BTW: There are maybe some more strange things. :slight_smile:
Can it be, that I have additional files in the Playlist, that I haven’t put into by myself?
I am not pretty sure, so I started with that I am sure about… :slight_smile:

But…, I’m glad that this behavior, which is not a bug , has no negativ effect on any of my projects. :smile:

Best regards

Yes, the part I quoted is normal and by design. It is not necessary to use or put things in Playlist.

Next time it might be helpful to just get a screen capture and use Save As to a new MLT we could look at. What you’re describing I have not experienced in my minimal amount of experience using Shotcut.

Not to forget:
Linux Mint 18.1-64-KDE
Shotcut 19.12.31 (Protable from the Download-Section)

you will not believe it, but I already had that idea (too)… :slight_smile:
But[TM], there are 59 parts in the Playlist and even with my 34", 21:9, 3440*1440-Monitor and Playlist with Thumbnails…, I do not get all relevant parts in one picture.
Ok, if I drag out the Playlist window…:

I’ve never had it before, AFAIK of course,…

BTW: I’ve also some other issues: One is, that keyframes from ‘Rot/Scale’ get lost.
Maybe after copy/paste, and/or maybe after a size of a project, I do not know yet…

Best regards

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