The video file is replaced by a proxy when dragged on 21.05.18

Windows 10 Pro 20H2

Ver 21.05.18

Preliminary actions.

  1. Proxy mode is on.
  2. A clip with sound is placed on the track. Shotcut has generated a proxy.
  3. The editing was saved and the program was exited.
  4. Later the editing was opened and the clip was completely removed from the editing.
  5. An attempt to drag the same clip to the same empty space leads to the appearance of a proxy.

A temporary and worrisome solution would be to disable the proxy, restart Shotcut and, in ‘no proxy’ mode, retract the source clip to its original position.

This is consistently repeated on the specified version and on the previous one.

The original title of the video is 2021-05-11 11-10-26.mkv with a resolution of 1928x1080@30 Hz, full color range.

You can clearly see that the proxy has the screen resolution obtained when the original clip was first placed.

I believe that the proxy clip should not replace the original file, but be a shadow file for the original clip if such a proxy clip has already been created.

It took me a while to figure out how to reproduce this. This only happens for me when in step 5 you drag the clip from the external file manager like Explorer directly to the Timeline. It does not happen when dragging from Playlist or Source. Now, you know the workaround to prevent it until it is fixed.


This is fixed for the next version 21.06

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Thank you. I usually work in MAC style and on Windows. I usually don’t list the source videos inside Shotcut for materials that are stored separately in the repository. The only exception is for objects created for specific purposes - text with style, transparency, or something else.