The Very First Shotcut Movie I Ever Made and It's Terrible

Here’s What It’s Like to Fly Jetsuite X (JSX) from Concord (CCR) to Burbank (BUR) - 4K video


Hey, we all start somewhere! I’ve seen your more recent work, and you’ve definitely picked your game up in a short amount of time.

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But 4k! :smile:
BTW: I love flying! All of it, even the waiting! :smile:

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I think your video is fine. It’s a first person perspective video and looks the way I would expect it to look. Nothing wrong with it at all.

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Hi @bentacular - the title of your post is inaccurate - it’s not terrible at all! :smile:
I enjoyed being your virtual flying partner on that trip… :rofl: :+1:

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Haha. Thanks! I remember when all I knew how to do on Shotcut was crossfades, and I thought it was the best thing ever.

Me too! That’s what I miss about the pre-COVID days

Memories of a previous time when we call all just travel willy nilly…

Thanks! I would totally do it differently now

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