The Unexpected

Lean back, fasten seat belts, but enjoy!

The Unexpected


That was great. :grinning:
Is the meaning supposed to be something like happiness may not be all that it seems? Or things may not turn out the way you expect?

Really good stuff. :+1:

Did you create those images of people in the picture frames or where those videos that had people in picture frames already? Great use of the distort filter by the way.

Thanks, thank you very much. It means much to me!

I like to leave it to everyone to draw their own conclusions …

Yes, those are separate parts. An image of a mirror and a mp4 file, with some keyframes, as overlay. Currently impossible for my computer to make this “all in one”. Already 11 tracks, 10 + 1, with partial 8 video tracks at once.

Thanks and best regards
'Til then… :smile:

You’re welcome.

I was thinking that if you did create those people in picture frames objects that you created them as separate mlt files then you opened those mlt files in your main mlt project file. But you’re saying you created every single one of those in one mlt project? :open_mouth:

Have you tried using KKnBB’s proxy tool?

I’m not pretty sure if my English is good enough to understand exactly…
I’ve made it in the main project, but I exported it separately (at 90% codec), you know?
Then I put that mp4 file “again” into the project, split it and worked with it “again” separately.

Maybe interested: I worked until the final with that simple Mirror frame, only with the 'ROT/SCALE" filter, as a placeholder. Otherwise… FP30sec. :slight_smile:

The exported mp4 is “Mirror-01.mp4”, and there you can see the split parts:

Linux here? If I understood correctly it works only under Windows…

There is a feature to open your mlt project files in another project which will then treat it as its own clip.

So alternatively, you could make those objects as their own separate projects but instead of exporting them as an mp4 you can just save them as mlt files and open them up as separate clips in your main project. That way you don’t have to spend time exporting them and also going down generations in video quality. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah, ok. I didn’t know you were on Linux.

By the way, that’s a big timeline you got. Are you using the new 19.12.31 release that allows you to shorten the track heights even more?

Yeah, I know about that “MLT thing”, but didn’t found time to test it for me.
One thing, I mean I can use it for, is the outro, normally always (nearly) the same…

Late, but not too late…
No, exporting was needed, because of the performance while playback…, too much filters and keyframes for the current possibilities. :slight_smile:
Even then…, I had many issues. Like I already wrote, I used the simple mirror frame (a simple image) instead of the final clip. Otherwise, no chance…current.

Yes, currently 19.12.31 here. And yes :smile:, I noticed it, but this looks currently so “strange” to me, too small (IMHO). But maybe it needs only time to get used to it. :slight_smile:

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