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Hello. Please advise, - I accidentally deleted a filter that took a long time to set up. Clicked on “undo action” and instead of the last action, the program undid an action that I did many steps ago. Is it some kind of error with the program, or is it such a “genius” solution applied in shotcut?

No one can give you a certain answer without access to the logs, the project. You didn’t say what filter it is.

If the project was started a long time ago using an older version of Shotcut, there may be problems with the new version because there were changes (rebuilding) of the program and filters.

Undo doesn’t work for filters. It’s on the Road Map though.


Thank you. I hope they change that. Although of course I would like not only that, but also many other decisions that I am surprised and perplexed. How, for example, to pile up all the filters, instead of sorting them into thematic folders. In the road map did not see these changes, probably the users are satisfied with it…

thematic folders?
What do you mean?

A folder with filters for light and color correction, a folder with distortions, a folder with blurs, a folder with zoom functions, and so on. There’s nothing new here, this is how it’s done in all the editors I’ve worked with, some have it better, some have it a little worse, but nowhere have they thought of lumping everything together. I’m just getting acquainted with the editor, but I already have the impression that some of the developers are not engaged in video editing themselves, otherwise there would not be so many frankly awkward decisions.

I think he’s talking about such folders.


and in Shotcut, the filters are arranged like this.

Shotcut is divided into video and audio filters as well as a favorites section and a search engine.
I’ve used different editors. It’s not a problem for me. It’s just a matter of taste and habit.

Ok. I thought this post was a joke

but this is already inappropriate and …

Also, don’t forget about personal culture and netiquette.

That must be it yes.

Don’t forget the Time filters

Shotcut does not have many filters to divide them into categories, if this is done, then in each individual category there will be at most 2-3 filters, which will complicate navigation. For example, I have at most 6-8 favorite video filters and 3-4 audio filters that can be added to favorites, and this list is convenient to navigate.

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To each his own. I personally find it annoying to have to open multiple sub-lists before I can find the filter I want to use. I prefer the lumping everything together approach divided in 3 logical panels: Video filters, Audio filters, Time filters.


I completely agree with you - to each his own, that is why there are forums like this, where people can express their thoughts and their personal opinion, enriching themselves with knowledge and helping others with advice. I thank everyone who responded to my post without trying to teach me how I should properly express my own opinions.

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