The third video track in timeline doesnt mix with the other two (it covers both)

hey there,

Im not sure of this is a bug, or this might be something I dont “push the right button”:

if I add a third video track to the timeline, it allways covers the other two and wont let me mix all of em.
I can then only see this tracks content, but the others not…

do I miss something ? is this a bug ? I cant find anything googleing.

any help is appreciated !

hey steve, that doesnt really help.
so far I guess I know how to put tracks together and use filters etc.

it just happens that the top one allways covers the ones belows for no reason…

I was trying to clue you in re ‘compositing’… You need to make sure each track’s ‘composite’ mode is set appropriately.

thats the first thing I checked. switching those buttons doesnt change anything for the third
(and forth etc top track) only works on the two bottom ones.

oh and btw, nearly every tutorial or explaining video is only handling two tracks mostly.
didnt find any of handling more then two tracks…

Strange, works fine for me running Windows10 Pro 64bit.

Which version of SC are you using?

the newest one 18.05.08.
but had the same thing happening on the earlier version

Tracks are like layers, so that normal if the top one hides the others under it where the frame is.
Can you post a screenshot ? explain what you want to do (Some PiP or something like that?).

yeah thats how it works… but it should mix all three (or more tracks) if I allow compose (button),
like the second track does perfect. only the third (and more) are not mixing…

I have a video track and two transparent grafics that have to “sit on top on the video” and playing
simultaneously to the video as long as it goes…

it is really simple. actually the basic thing that the software should be able to do.

Did you try to see if it is not one of the transparent graphic that does that?

For ex, moving from Track 3 to track 2
Invert the 2 graphics

I changed em arround and vise versa. as soon as I put the grafic from track 2 (which is mixed with track 1)
on trak 3 its covering the whole screen (transparent is black then). and if I put the second grafic from track 3
on to track 2 it gets mixed with track 1 like its supposed to.

so something is blocking the composing ability from track 3 and above.
I really get tired of this :frowning:

Try this.
Put the video on track 1. The transparencies on tracks 2 and 3.

Unable to reproduce a problem here. Show us a screen shot that includes your timeline track headers. Do you recall doing any removing and inserting (not adding) tracks? Maybe some sequence of actions in that area put something into a bad state.

its exactly like Sauron hast posted his (his video track png is a video in my case).
so actually its set like it should work like its supposed to.

and like I mentioned before, I moved the grafics vice versa, same for video and grafics, nothing changes.
also deleted track three etc… as soon as I add a third track, it covers track one and two completely, no matter
if compose button is switched on or off.

I cant post a pic, because its company based material, but like I said, does look similar to saurons picture

what Ive done now is, I deleted all tracks completely, and added all content like I want it again.
now it works as its supposed to, though that isnt my fav solution since I have to re-cut etc the video track again.
wanted to prevent this … :confused:

what Im wondering is, that this doesnt seem to be a well known bug !?
I had this several times, but never complained since I only needed two tracks so far.
but now, even if I google, I cant find any proper solutions without doing everthing again from the scratch.

allright, been testing again:
when I delete all tracks, then undo for the last track deleted (track 1 video),
and adding two tracks again, track two and three added transparent grafics
are now visible transparent and work how they are supposed to.

so in the end I can live with that procedure for all my saved projects I have to add a third track now,
but though this “bug” should be issued and fixed in the future…

Dan asked for screen shot of track headers. Nothing about your (company) material will be revealed from seeing the headers…


shotcut really makes me crazy. now after it seemed it worked fine the way I posted,
the part where the transparent logo appears, gets blacked (covering the video) again.
so the transparency works in the timeline though not in the exported video…