The SPR and SP(gpu) filters do not interact correctly with the noise generator

Linux Mint 21.2

If you apply a GPU “position size” filter on a noisy track, using zoom moves the image rather than zooming in. If you apply the “position rotation and size” software filter on a noisy track, the noise disappears completely.

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I have a clip (at just past the 30 minute mark) where I insert 3 seconds of NOISE (video and audio) followed by a clip where Size, Position, and Rotate are used. Upon rendering, the audio drops out at the last 30 seconds or so of the noise, and the SRP clip is frozen until end of SPR edit. (Sound in this clip is unaffected)
I have tried re-edit MULTIPLE times, but keep getting the same result, EVEN IF I DO NOT ROTATE anything. (Version shotcut-win64-240113.exe