The size of the video is shrinked

the video was full screen during processing, but after exported, the video became smaller than full screen

Hi @lisa

You don’t provide much informations about your problem

What is your project’s Video mode?

What are your Export settings?

thank you for your reply
my video mode is automatic
and my export settings are

thank you for your help

So it looks like you use 1280 x 720 videos in your project and that you export at 1280 x 720.

You say: “but after exported, the video became smaller than full screen

What is the size of the video after exporting?

thank you for your kind reply, maybe i did not make it clearly
my exported video was 1280 x 720. during the processing, the video took up the whole screen, but after being exported, the video tended to be like this, it is not full screen anymore

On the timeline, click Output, then Properties. What is the Resolution and Frame Rate?


To that specific clip at :01, as shown in your screenshot, did you apply any filters? If so, what did you apply?

Hi @lisa;

So you are exporting at 1280x720 (regular HD), but your screenshot is 1920x1135 (1920x1080 is full HD). This is probably where your discrepancy lies, but I’m engaging in some guesswork here. When you full screen the player in your screenshot (click the double headed arrow at the bottom right next to the 3 dots) then the video fills the screen correctly, right? If that’s the case then it is also partly the behaviour of your video player, which is retaining the videos native resolution when you maximise the window instead of upscaling it (that can also be changed if you desire).

Sorry for not replying for a longtime. Recently I happened to reset all my software on the computer and I found this problem was solved automatically, so I guess the problem was due to my misoperation and I mistakenly changed some settings. Currently, my settings are the same as the picture shown by Hudson555x. Thanks a lot for everyone’s help. I suppose anyone who meets this problem and cannot fix it could just restore this software, it’s rather rough but quite helpful :joy:

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