The sad end of a legend

Here’s a 3D animation, 6 mins 4K videoclip which took me two months to made it - the final video editing is made with Shotcut - about 90 GB of 4K png image sequence; not doing this very often but Shotcut performed amazingly well, the same as for sound mixing. Many thanks and congratulations to Shotcut team, I hope you will enjoy the video as well (I mentioned Shotcut in the final credits too)


Nice foley sound work. Was that done in Shotcut too?

Perhaps, he used the png sequence in shotcut to make the video.

Overall, A very nice work!

No, the credits in the film state that he used iClone from Reallusion to do the animation and rendering, while Shotcut was used for the final video editing.

Ok, I understood. I ,overall, already like the video.

Sorry for late answer - I’ve been in the summer holiday and then… I forgot :frowning:

@Ar_D and @Elusien The iClone animation renders the animation in png image sequence. Then I took all these sequences into Shotcut to assembly the final video AND sound processing.
@shotcut Yes, the whole sound editing and processing was done in Shotcut. In fact, I was sort of ashamed to mention this because Shotcut is used and promoted mainly as a VIDEO editor, but in my case it did the whole heavy-load sound editing and mixing work, ad it did briliantly. See the screenshot below:

I rememeber you like SF, so here are another two videos made with Shotcut, both with more elabored and polished sound:

and this one, which is my favorite one, though the camera movement is as dynamic as being made by George Melies, lol, but this is how I wanted to be.

Finally, the one I’m working right now, a fight, also in Shotcut, but have no sounds yet, would be much more difficult to find the proper ones:

Thanks everyone! :hugs:


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