The Rot & Scale filter is taking away part of the image

I have an image with alpha, showing have a circle. But the moment I apply the Rotate & Scale filter, half of the image is gone, leaving a quarter of the circle.
Is this normal?

Also, is there a way to change the location of the pivot point?

Use the X & Y offsets. Pivot point is always center of the screen, but you can later use X/Y to move image to where you want it.

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Of course you can change the location of the pivot point. You need 2 filters to do that. The RS filter and the SP filter.

Pivot point.mlt (8.2 KB)

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Thank you so much, it is working as you advised!



Wow, just when I thought I had found a limitation :wink:

Thanks for sharing sauron, I’ll have a look


I see the pivot point on one of the corners of the rectangle. But I don’t see how to move it, let’s say to the center of the rectangle.
Could you do that change on the same file and upload it?

If you need to move the pivot point back to the center just remove the key frames and reset the SP filter to defaults and the RS filters X and Y to defaults.

Here’s another copy of the project with the original and reset parameters.

Pivot point.mlt (11.1 KB)

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Very kind!
Thanks a bunch sauron :slight_smile:

When you want to shift the pivot point, always apply the RS filter first then the SP filter. The grid helps to re position the pivot point. Use the RS filters XY offsets to move the image relative to the pivot point. Then you can use the SP filter to re position the image

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