The No-Diet Diet and Dancing Chimpanzees - Versus World

Decided to try something a little different for a while. As always, made with Shotcut! :slight_smile:


interested in how the text animation were made?

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I see and hear heavy use of stock media. What are your sources?

Yes, I guess with a special programmed HTML in ‘Text: HTML’-Filter. :smiley:

Used Storyblocks for most of it, and a few selections from Shutterstock as well.

Music was from the YouTube Audio Library to make sure there would be no copyright issues.

@Ewan360, looks really good. As @KKnBB also wanted to know, were the text effects done with Storyblocks ? And how did you create the voice-overs? Thanks!

None of the Text Effects were done with Storyblocks. Some of them were done using After Effects on a transparent background which I pulled into Shotcut, and others were done following some of the tutorials that “Tux Designer” has on YouTube - which of course also uses an additional video track in Shotcut with a transparent background. I suspect most (if not all) could be done natively if I put the time in :slight_smile:

Voice overs were using Google’s WaveNet service (Text to speech) and then edited in with Shotcut as well. So I generally was running around with at least two video and two audio tracks, and opening an additional one of each from time to time as needed. Let’s just say that I got real comfortable with making sure I locked all the tracks I wasn’t working with at any particular moment.

Thanks for this useful information.

I reckon I could produce a similar animated text effect to yours using text:html - this one, for example:

I’ll see what I can come up with in the next few days :smile: and post back if I succeed.

One thing I learned from your video - really fast transitions work well! (eg the first 4 in the opening 13 seconds). Good work @Ewan360 :+1:

Hi @Ewan360 - success! I made a short animated text sequence trying to replicate the Chimpanzee effect in your video. It’s not supposed to copy it exactly - and I added a snazzy ending where the text flies upwards…

Very short demo here:

Happy to share the HTML and also give more info as to how I did it… Just ask…

PS Got fed up with Streamable today (just saw black screens) so I made a new Youtube channel for short Shotcut demos for future examples etc.


I certainly would be happy to see you post your example of the script you created to do that! I’ve gone with bold font (which I assume this would also support) just to make it easier to read the text, but agree this looks close enough I could do it all in Shotcut for only a short time investment. Thanks!

I’m holding back on posting the HTML files while I do a bit of tweaking and experimenting with them. Watch this space though, I’ll post them asap!

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Interesting video! I use Lisa (enhanced) from IBM for voice, which is free online, and further edit it in Audacity. It’s a great computer voice. I just uploaded a video as an example.Google Earth is a really great resource for overhead shots as well. My current project is filming the historic district in my city. Bradford Block:

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@jonray This looks great! I would really appreciate if you shared the code (either now or when it’s tweaked). Good work!

Hi @stgtravels, I’ve uploaded the HTML file but I started a new thread so as not to hijack this one :smiley:

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