๐Ÿ’™ The new dialog boxes (filters on output track and computer with no available memory)

Normally I donโ€™t go deep into reading all the changes that a new version brings, so yesterday, while explaining to my wife the advantages of the different default layouts (log-editing, etc), it occurred to me to put an audio gain filter on the output track.
Then, wow :open_mouth:, a message appeared warning that the filter will affect all the clips in the project.
How many times have we found in the forum questions because users (myself too) placed by mistake some filter in the output track? I would say many times.
So this solves the issue at once.:grinning:
I read more carefully these additions, in the new version, and found that a dialog box was implemented to warn when the computer is running out of memory.
I welcome this because it will help the user to know and manage projects according to their computer resources and adapt their work accordingly.
Many thanks to Dan, Brian, and all who help in the development of Shotcut and work to make this software better every day. :clap::clap::clap::+1:


Thank you for the feedback, and I hope these avoid redundant pleas for help. I am still not 100% sure about the low memory dialog threshold especially on macOS where it is measured very differently. That was a little difficult to gauge. It does not stop a background export, and the memory could be reducing while the user is not paying attention. We do not currently have a way to pause an export job, but when we add that it can be integrated.
On Linux and Windows, this threshold is < 256 MB of available RAM. On Windows and Linux, these do not to include virtual memory. The user experience is poor when continually swapping RAM to HDD. However, the user can choose to ignore the warning, and let it continue, and sometimes using virtual memory temporarily is fine. At least if there is a failure or some very bad experience they may now understand why.
Keep in mind that both of these are rather technical and many users will still not understand and click whatever they think it will take to simply dismiss the dialog.


I keep learning and seeing so many new things in Shotcut that I am surprised at the rate of updates because of the amount of time invested in the development of this software.
Thanks again.

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At least they may mention that they got this warning when asking on the forum for help and that should save some of us time when trying to figure out for them what the problem might be.

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