The Kerbspanse

I did not make this, but I just found out about it, and it is already a little over a year old.

The maker has a nice writeup about how he made on Reddit


Looks like a 3d animation.
Kerbspanse - what is that? :roll_eyes:

The author explains on his Reddit post:

For those not familiar with either Kerbal Space Program (KSP) or The Expanse, here’s a short description. The Expanse is a sci-fi television series. What you’re seeing here is a recreation of its intro sequence, but re-made using the videogame Kerbal Space Program and edited in Shotcut. I also made a side-by-side comparison version where you can see the original intro and my remake next to each other.

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Thanks for sharing this. Very impressive and clever the way Eraesr created it.

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