The History of New Years and Calendars - Versus World

New Year, New Video :slight_smile:

Made with Shotcut as always!


I’m getting the idea of your “Versus World” videos now - interesting magazine-type informative videos. I love this one and found the content really informative. Good work - very professional-looking! I’ve subscribed and liked :smiley:

PS (about the text animation I re-created with HTML) - I’ll post my HTML file shortly, just need to do a few tweaks and yes, it’s easy to make the text bold.

Glad to hear you like them since I have another one coming up tomorrow. Had some help from my partner (a social worker) on the upcoming one since it’s all about Death (no irony working on that at the end of the year)…

Looking forward to trying out your script when it’s posted. Thanks again for the subscription AND the additional help!

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