The "gpu: size and position" filter causes the shotcut to crash

Version 23.05.14
Linux Mint 21.1 XFCE 4.18

The algorithm is simple:
Add any media content (picture in my example), add the “size and position” filter, very sharply and quickly set the “zoom” to 1000 - after a couple of seconds, the shotcut crashes.

I have not reproduce it yet. Maybe it depends on the OpenGL implementation.

I can’t not reproduce it on 23.05.14 Flatpak (Fedora 28)

I only have this problem with the GPU version of the filter. The software version works fine.

re-tested with GPU Size & Position, can’t get it to crash

Well, this is some kind of problem specifically with me. This bug is not significant for me, I almost never use such extreme approximation values.