The Duration of a Video When Added To The Playlist Does Not Match Original (Build 17.08.01)

I first experienced this issue in the last build before this one. When I would add pretty much any video to a play list there is now a bug in Shotcut where the video in the playlist is either shorter or longer than the actual video. I thought it might’ve been obvious enough to correct in the most recent build but I see that it hasn’t so I want to call attention to it now.

This is difficult to spot because it seemingly happens at random and with any video. Sometimes I have had to remove the video and try to add it in the playlist a number of times before it had the correct duration because the video was shorter than it was originally. Sometimes it goes fine at the first try. And sometimes I have to edit more from the timeline during my workflow in order to remove the extra time added.

I hope this gets acknowledged and solved. :slight_smile:

I’ve not yet comes across this personally. I commonly import .mov from my Olympus and .mts from my Panasonic cameras or .mp4 from my LG phone. I do however have Shotcut import settings on ‘automatic’. Durations in Shotcut are not different from the original source as indicated in MediaInfo or Windows file properties.