The + button in playlist is disabled. how to enabled?

I’m using shotcut 6.4.2

I dragged mp4 video file to the bottom and used the Split At Playhead I marked start and end part and clicked the copy button but then when I’m trying to click the + button in the play list window the button is disabled. can’t click it.

what am i doing wrong?

in this screenshot i marked with yellow circle the part i marked start/end then clicked the copy button marked with green circle at the end I’m trying to click + button of the play list marked with red circle. but I can’t click it it’s like the button is disabled.

It seems that I had to use the keys Shift+V and not the plus button. Shift+V copy the parts to the play list.

6.4.2 is the version of Qt
You probably did Help > About Qt instead of Help > About Shotcut

This is a known bug, already reported here:

One workaround is to switch to the Source tab, and back to the Project tab. The + button in Playlist will then work properly.

I didn’t know that shortcut.
Apparently it’s used for Insert in the playlist.

You have to use it every time though.
Switching to the Source tab will unlock the + button for as long as you keep the project open.

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