The Alamo in San Antonio, Texas - 5.7k 360 Video Walking Tour - 360 Ewan

Did something a little different this time where I dropped the intro/outro music (yes, that is my voice asking the officer about where to go a couple minutes in), and used the Brightness filter to make the “signs” easier to read.

Shot with an Insta360 One X and edited in Shotcut!

Not to be harsh, but what’s wrong with those titles? They’re illegible.

The video is jerky and the text characters are jagged.

Did you check to make sure you had your YouTube player quality set to either 4k or 5.7k? If you let it go with the default 1080p, it’s going to look pretty bad. I presume you’re not trying to play this on mobile :slight_smile:

I had the player in Auto 720p, sorry.

I set the player to 4k and it still looks really bad. The motion is extremely jerky and the titles look bowed. The video freezes intermittently. It seems to be giving the player fits.

Using the HTML5 player in Chrome, unmodified.

I have a feeling you and I are not seeing the same playback.

I also looked at your aquarium video and see many problems.

Were these all shot in 4k? Do you have anything shot in 720 or 1080?

Titles are “bowed” because it’s a 360 video and so they are wrapping around your point of view. These were all shot in 5.7k. I’m presuming you watched past the initial titles, because most of the “jerky” parts are where I’m climbing stairs.

Still may not be your cup of tea, in which case I totally understand.

I enjoyed the walking tour.

The moving traffic is very jerky as it passes the camera. That’s not camera movement. As I watch it on YouTube at 4k the titles look very odd and the whole thing is full of motion artifacts.

4k is still bleeding edge and has to go through all kinds of digital tricks to render on my screen, which is why I asked if you have anything in 720 or 1080.

Try uploading some raw (camera original) footage.

Keep in mind that when you view 360 video, you are looking through a viewport that is much less than the video resolution. Even when viewing through goggles the human eyes have a limited field of view. Let’s say you are viewing as a 16:9 flat rectangle. That may equate to a field of view of 160° x 90° (it is adjustable on some players, but that is a safe estimate that makes the example math easy to follow). 90/360 = 1/4. That means the viewing vertical resolution is 1/4 of the source. If the video is 5760x2880 , then that becomes 1280x720. Yes, this technology is going beyond 4K and pushing things. That is the way of the world. Some are ready and accepting; others are not.

More than likely that is a dual fisheye before stitching the two images together. After stitching, it will be in some projection such as equirectangular and looks even more distorted the further away from center.

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