The ability to change all key frames in advance mode at one time

I’ve been experimenting with the Keyframes feature thanks to the new fixes made this month and while doing so I wondered if there is a way to change all of the Keyframes set in the Advanced mode at one time. That means that if I want to experiment between say Linear and Smooth and see how each one will look for what I am trying to do then I’d have to go to each individual Keyframe in Advanced mode and change it one by one. Now if there are quite a few Keyframes set in that one field then it’s going to take time to change them individually. But if there was an option to change all of the Keyframes at one time like a “change all” or something then it would be very handy to toggle back and forth with all of the Keyframes to see how it looks and help save some time.

Is it possible to add something like that?


Just to supplement this to make this request clearer, take a look at @sauron’s post here:

He has an image there of his advanced Keyframes and you can see there are a lot of points. If I were doing something with that amount of points but I wanted to toggle between Discrete, Linear and Smooth to see how each effect would look I would have to go through every single point to change the kind of Keyframe animations they are. In those cases it would be time consuming.

Any possibility of adding the option to change multiple key frames at one time?

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