Thanks to Shotcut

Hey guys. As I couldn´t find an email or contact details on the site, thought I´d leave a few lines here.
We usually ask for help (and sometimes complain when we´re not happy with the answers) but don´t often give feedback on the positive side of things.
I was new to video editing SW but needed to put together a video project pretty quickly (started about 3 weeks ago)…so I read up on the recommendations on the best apps and reduced the list to a few…Shotcut, Adobe Premiere and a few others. Started with Shotcut…seemed pretty easy to use and turned out so. Also tried Premiere…and although it has tons of features, it couldn´t read my .mxf files (not sure why but saw on the forums I wasn´t the only one… mxf is pretty standard in the industry, I found out later). The learning curve looked to be very steep as well so…plugged on with Shotcut. It wasn´t a straight forward project…had two video recordings of the event, various audios, other videos and presentation slides to slip in-oh, and a voice over-…had to use the forums quite a bit…but the biggest headache was how to sync up the videos…which after quite a bit of research (a lot actually) and trial and error finally got it together - one week short of what I had expected.
Aside from all the mishaps along the way (which ALL apps have, from my experience), I can say the app is solid, very easy to use and will be my video editing tool for the foreseeable future.
Please pass on the msg to the developers and folks in your team.


Thank you for sharing those kind words!

Just tried out version 20.02.17 and the pitch effect is great! The Video Vector tool looks really cool too! And the video transition feature? AMAZING! Thanks for all the work!