Thank you shotcut team

Thank you!

OpenShot 2.1 crashed on every export and I spent hours trying to upgrade ffmpeg/mlt only to fail.
Lightworks was too confusing.
I didnt get very far with kdenlive either.
FlowBlade 1.8 almost did it, but i never had enough frames for the crossfades (disolves).

ShotCut won!!! It just worked – Crossfade and export worked for my first project without complaints nor crashes, THANK YOU ShotCut team!!!

Linux 4.7.0-0.bpo.1-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.7.5-1~bpo8+2 (2016-10-01) x86_64 GNU/Linux


Same to me. I’ve started with OpenShot, but it was not fun for me. Then I tried Kdenlive, it was better, but not good and not fun either because of not so well looking UI.
Then I found FlowBlade, I’ve tried it few time, made some videos in it, but it was awful behaviors for me.
Then I found Shotcut from some resume in czech web page about video editors and I LOVE IT so much…
After seeing few youtube videos I was completelly satisfied and I could make my own videos from old stuff from camera.



I’m extremely happy with Shotcut, too! this is not only a good program, but a promising project, I think…
Shotcut developers, evidently, have a great sense of how people (like to) edit videos :slight_smile:
I am especially excited about the fact that now it seems that in the future one won’t need Windows when it comes to editing video !!! :slight_smile: which is a great breakthrough !!
the concept is very-very good… this approach is extremely promising… this project is not about programming but creating a tool for editing… I can’t evaluate it enough :slight_smile:

thank you !!


I love shotcut too! It still sometimes crashes on me, but the autosave works well and I have not lost any work. It’s so much more intuitive than lightworks is, and I never gave any of the other Linux editors a try. I did use Final Cut Pro, Premiere and AfterEffects before and the later I still sometimes need. I’m very grateful for Shotcut and would recommend it.


I just started using Shotcut yesterday and thanks to its well thought out, intuitive UI, I’m already being productive with it.* Like others, I tried some other options running under Linux but I wasn’t impressed. I guess I’m spoiled from the days of using Sony Movie Studio (the lite version of Vegas). As I do about every year or so, I thought I’d re-investigate Linux options and this go-around I started trying to use Flowblade. It seemed ok (although awkward) until a clip on the timeline suddenly disappeared for the second or third time. That was it – I was out of there! I had intended to try out Shotcut first but I couldn’t because, for some reason (likely related to the Intel graphics), it wouldn’t run on my HTPC. So after giving up on Flowblade I decided to try running Shotcut on my old laptop from a Live DVD (which is how I always test software before committing myself to it). Lo and behold, I booted into the live DVD, configured a few things, connected to the Shotcut PPA, installed Shotcut and ran it… Everything seems to be working great. So, yeah, many thanks to the Shotcut team!

The system I’m running on is a 2-core Sony VAIO VGN-SR540G with 4G memory running Linux Mint 18 (MATE edition) from a live DVD.

  • That is, if one considers the making of a prank video being productive. :wink:
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You make me happy ! After trying DaVinci (too fat) getting angry with VSDC (no workflow) I found Shotcut. After watching two tutorials I’m going having fun playing with my video material. Shotcut’s structure is logic, straight forward and intuitive and easy to use. That’s the way I like it ! Thank you so much !


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Many “Thanks” to the people responsible for developing and sharing Shotcut. I’ve just started using Windows version 17.11.07 but I’m already impressed.

I had been using Adobe Premiere CS5 but it’s starting to be incompatible with some of the functionality needed for mobile and social media. I’m only a hobbyist, so Adobe CC is way out of my price range. That’s what got me looking for a free/affordable editing solution with enough flexibility to handle the demands of mobile media. I tried several other packages before stumbling upon Shotcut. From my perspective, none of the other solutions were even close to what Shotcut seems capable of.

Yes, there has been the occasional crash, but that’s to be expected given the scope of the Shotcut project. All-in-all I’m amazed and pleased with what I’m seeing thus far.

Thanks again, Mardon

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