Thank you shotcut for sorting it out

Hi there. I just wanted to say “THANK YOU” for finally sorting out Shotcut.
I criticized (and with good reason) the previous “bugged” version, so I’m pleased that your last roll out was bug fixes. It’s still not “perfect” but at least I’m able to create videos again…without banging my head on my table!
So, I just wanted to say Thank You.
I will criticize…but I will also thank where applicable.


Nice post, Captain Scarlet! :grinning:

18.08.01 is running well for me too…:+1::+1:

Thank you, but there have been enough problems identified in v18.08.01 (one a major regression) with fixes already done such that I am considering to make an interim release before 18.09.


I’ll add my voice to this one. 18.07 was a disappointment to me since it introduced features I’d waited ages for, but I was scuppered in particular by the preview sound bug. 18.08.01 has been a joy to use so far and enabled me to do some great work. The responsiveness of the devs to user feedback on this forum has been tremendous (I think the post above mine about an interim release really demonstrates that beautifully) and my thanks go to them for enabling me to get back on track.

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