TGA import appers white

I’m trying to import a TGA image sequence, but when I drag the photos, it appears white. The video export is also white. I also tried it without the proxy

I reproduced this problem (on Linux currently). It broke in version 20.10 when we upgraded one of our core libraries (Qt) that provides the TGA image loader. I have not figured out why it stopped working. It could be a bug in the library because other image loaders provided by the library work such as SVG and WebP.

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I compiled an image viewer example from the library and that is failing on TGA too while most other image formats that it supports and I could find easily are still loading. Unfortunately, this is the last revision they are going to provide for this version on the library. There is a new major version that is too new and immature at this time, and also we are not yet compatible.


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