Textual inputs for color grading filter


the color grading filter is very useful, I’m using the sliders a lot in particular. However, they are not very precise. Text inputs (or numbers for that matter) complementing at least the sliders would be very useful to quickly and accurately set values that you know work for you, or at least to set a known-good starting point. I know that you can add presets, but still I’d like to set e.g. a gamma value by text input rather than by guessing each time.

Best regards

Hi Ochi -

I would like to second your suggestion as I think it is a great idea.

I would like to reiterate this suggestion. It would add a lot of functionality to this filter as it would enable repeatable results. Without numeric readouts this filter is of limited usefulness. With numeric filters it would be very useful. Also useful would be the ability to directly enter numeric values as well as using the sliders.

Just wanted to say “thank you” for implementing this. :slight_smile: I will try this feature next time I edit one of my Let’s Plays.

(At the moment it’s only in git and will likely be part of the next regular release.)

Yes. It will be in the next release. See here: