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Hi - I have experimented trying to set a text filter to having a solid background but with transparent font color (alpha 0). It doesn’t produce the result I’m looking for. I’d like something like the below from https://codemyui.com/svg-text-mask-video-background/

Any tips would be great. Below is my attempt at this. v 20.04.12

Is this the effect you’re looking for:

Start with a still, make the background some colour (e.g. white) and the text green.
Put your background video on track V1, and the still on V2.
Use the simple chroma key filter on V2 and select the green.

There are of course other ways to do it, like using alpha channel but chroma key also works.


Video in Text Effect in ShortCut Video Editor

  1. Put your video on V1.
  2. Put a TRANSPARENT clip (Open Other -> Colour, Alpha-channel: 0) on V2.
  3. Put Text:Simple filter on V2, with: Background TRANSPARENT (Alpha-channel: 0), Outline colour BLACK, Font clolour: WHITE. Use a thck font like “Arial Black Bold” with the text you desire.
  4. Put a Size & Position filter on V2 to get the text where you want it.
  5. Switch off V1 by clicking the “Eye” symbol.
  6. Use File -> Export Frame to save the text frame to a PNG file.
  7. Switch on V1 and off V2 using the “Eye” symbol.
  8. Create another track V3 the colour you want with Alpha-channel: 255.
  9. Put a Mask from File filter on V3, choosing the PNG you saved earlier.
  10. Switch V1 back on (“Eye” symbol et voila!

This is so simple, I should have realized. Thanks so much. I worked first time and only took a minute to do.

I LOVE shotcut! And the community on this forum is so helpful.

Note: I did search how to do this but maybe used the wrong key words and phrases.

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This looks like it would work but is more steps than Paul2’s chroma key method. Thankyou very much for the alternate alpha method!!!

Just did @Elusien’s method to show that it works.
Multiple ways to achieve the same result.

I came up with this method as it can all be done within Shotcut, without resorting to external apps to create the text PNG.


Sorry i am trying to create this but not achieving it, seems i am missing some steps. can you please drop a video or youtube link. thanks

An alternate way to add text over video.

  1. Open a transparent clip, add it to the the timeline.
  2. Add text to the clip.
  3. Save the project.
  4. Create a new project. Put the video/image on V1.
  5. Add a color clip to V2. Add Mask: From File > File > Custom to the clip and select the saved project.


I learned this technique from @shotcut


Thank you, i finally got it… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Brilliant. I only just got back from Paphos - having the bathroom renovated and had to choose tiles, shower and marble. I was thinking about doin a video this evening - maybe I still will.

Anyway, I’m glad you managed to get there in the end.

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